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Haruppi couldn’t attend the HKT theater for a month, so she made this for all her fans. A date with her in Hakata.

Haruppi’s wishes are to make senbatsu this year and for her back to fully recover.

Do you have it in you to support this fairy?

when Haachan announced her graduation… I knew it that Tanamin and Yukirin will be affected about it. My 3rd Gen feels. Just no… Haachan ;A;


Kodama Haruka 2014.04.10 00:06 ▷


《News flash》

Everyone, Good Evening。

I’ve decided that on April 13th(Sunday),
on Google+, I am going to start the project
「Let’s go with Haruppi。A Hakata date♡」!!

Since the start of the year, with HKT48 we started our Kyushu tour,
we got to perform at Saitama Super Arena,
and do live…