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Kodama Haruka 2014.08.31 22:57


Good Evening、Kodama Haruka here!

Everyone, did you watch the video on the official HKT48 site already?

The title of our 4th single that will be released on September 24th is
「Hikaeme I love you!」\(^o^)/

And I’ve been chosen for the center position。

Before I joined HKT48,
I was a normal student, that worked hard at school every day,
and after school as well as on holidays, I was enthusiastic about my activities with the basketball club。

Today, that same me is now working as HKT48’s first generation Kodama Haruka, Haruppi。

A lot has happened on the path up till now。

I made lots of happy and fun experiences,
but also lots of frustrating and sad experiences。

I became discouraged。
There were also times where I wanted to give up, but the thought that I always had on my mind was、
「For the sake of my beloved HKT48, I need to set my mind on looking forward, and I have to continue to advance。」
It’s what I put my heart and mind to。

It was because of all your support that I was able to think like that。
Thank you very much。

"Thank you very much。", those words can’t fully describe how I feel。

So from now on I will pay you back!!

my goal isn’t just to stand in the center position。

There are a lot of dreams that I want to see realized for HKT48 as a group。

I am going to give it my all to get even a little closer towards those dreams, and to achieve as much as possible。

For the sake of my beloved HKT48…

With this song, I hope that I can make HKT48 known to a lot more people throughout the country…

I think that there will be a lot more experiences waiting from here on out,
but I hope that I can share this feeling with you, that I want to always be looking forward, and above all enjoy myself!!

I hope that you will continue to support HKT48\(^o^)/



"Since ‘center’ is not something that you decide on your own, I will work my hardest just like what I always do… so that I will be able to shine no matter where I go, no matter where I’m being placed"
- Kodama Haruka -
HKT48 4th Single (2014/09/14)

Hikaeme I Love You!

「控えめI love you! 」

F O C U S  H A R U P P I


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